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CAPT Leo Zadecky, RPh, MS

Senior Regulatory Review Officer, Drug Shortage Staff (DSS), CDER

CAPT Leo Zadecky, is a Senior Regulatory Review Officer on the CDER Drug Shortage Staff at FDA.  He joined the FDA in 2003 as a Regulatory Management Officer for the Regulatory Support Branch in the Office of Generic Drugs.  In 2006, CAPT Zadecky left the agency for a two-year period a serving as a Pharmacy Director at Hospital Pharmacy for the US Bureau of Prisons (2006-2008).   He then re-joined the FDA with the Office of Regulatory Affairs in 2009, serving as an Investigator and then Supervisor in the New England District Office.  He has been with the CDER Drug Shortage Staff, since November 2014.  Prior to joining the FDA, he held a position as a staff pharmacist with CVS ProCare Specialty pharmacy and has he practiced in hospital, retail and specialty pharmacy practice settings.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Duquesne University School of Pharmacy in 1998 and his Master of Science degree from the Northeastern University in 2018.

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